I’d mentioned before that when renovating one thing leads to another, and that is exactly what happened on the weekend…

Now the old kitchen in the house I thought I could live with, hey it’s only for 6 months right?

(here’s a reminder of what it looks like:)

Original Kitchen

But looking at it on Sunday, and with only a week til we move in, I realised no amount of cleaning was gonna make this kitchen OK – the cupboards shelves had vinyl linings stuck down with the same black tar as the floor but it was all lifted and gross!  I couldn’t even imagine putting my plates and bowls in there.   I also didn’t know where we were going to put the fridge as the space available was tiny.

Soooo, while hubby was outside proudly telling his mate that we weren’t touching the kitchen at all yet, I started unscrewing the overhead cupboards and pulling them down…  Enter said mate who took one look at what I was doing and said “Ohh, you’re dead!”   I chuckled and carried on unfazed.

Then hubby comes in, rants about “how the hell are we going to replace the kitchen in a week?” ,” OMG what have you done?”, etc etc, he then goes out and comes back with the block splitter, goes “Out the way” and starts belting the crap out of the cupboards (yes very caveman style!).

Within minutes it was gone, just leaving the sink cupboard and the cooker (we need to get the plumber to disconnect them tomorrow when he does the heater).

And so I decided that we could surely get a cheap kitchen from Bunnings, and build it and install it ourselves by next weekend – yep, that’s my idea.    Clearly hubby hasn’t realised this yet.

Then with some of the floor units gone I could see the nice timber boards exposed and thought “hey, we should really remove all the vinyl floor and get the kitchen/dine sanded too”.

I started pulling at the edges and yep, it was glued down with a black tar.  That stuff didn’t want to go anywhere.  A few pieces came loose though so I got rid of some at least.

What a mess!


Kitchen after crazy demolition

This was about the time that I was regretting touching anything, and was quietly wishing that this mess would fix itself!

I figured I’d talk to the floor guy tomorrow about how to get the remaining glue off, I’m sure he’ll be stoked 😉

Until then I’m off to Bunnings.

Tash x