It’s D-day!  Settlement is due and the keys will be ours.

Waiting for that call from the conveyancer to say that settlement has gone through smoothly is one of the most nerve wracking things.   At least this time we’re not doing selling and purchasing settlements simultaneously like we have before but I still feel like I’m holding my breath until I hear the word “Congratulations“.

I’d taken the day off work to get organised hoping I would have the keys by lunchtime so I could get in there and do some measuring before school pickup.   12.30pm came and went without the call so I went to Freedom to waste some time and of course imagine what I could put where in the new house.

Finally, at 1.15pm my conveyancer calls and says it’s ours… hooray!

I rush up the road to the real estate agents office to collect the keys and to my surprise they were attached to a lovely basket of goodies including cheese board and knife set – score!


Think I’ll need that champers tonight 🙂










Then it was straight to the house to take stock of the task ahead.  The stale smell on entering was a worry, though I’m determined that it’ll be gone once the carpet comes out.   As I look around the list of jobs that need doing in the next 3 weeks is quickly mounting… can we do it all?  I start taking down a few very dusty curtains and chuck them out to make myself feel better.

Now the job I was itching to tackle immediately was removing the wallpaper!  Of course in the first room the patterned layer came off quite easily, in one big sheet all the way to the ceiling.    I kept at it and had a couple of walls done before the school run.  This though gave me a false sense of security and I thought I’d have the whole house done within a day…843

Grabbed the kids and put them straight to work, of course anything messy they love so hey let ’em at it I say!

In the next post I’ll do a “DIY Removing Wallpaper tutorial” so stay tuned, it’s not as easy as it looks.


Tash xx