I was talking to the painter about the mess that was left on the kitchen floor [see Sunday’s post] and how I was going to have to come back after work to try to get more of the vinyl and tar off so the floorboards could be sanded.

He says “Well we’ll be finished up painting this morning so we’ll do it for ya!”  


So grateful, by the time I got back after work it was nearly all gone, just remnants of tar left.

I met with the floor guy who said he could get the rest of the tar off with his sander but it chews through the sandpaper so there’d be extra charges for that.   No worries, and he could start on the floor the next morning.

So excited to see how the floorboards come up!

I’d also talked to him about staining the floorboards as the pine looks very yellow when sanded back and I wanted a more brown/grey tone.   He suggested just putting stain into the varnish to deepen the colour as a cheaper option, as staining the boards themselves would double the cost.  Good idea.

And I didn’t want a full gloss finish with the kids and their mess so we’re going with a polyurethane semi-gloss finish.

When it was sanded back it looked great:

Floorboards sanded

But then the 2 coats of varnish went on over 2 days and it came up a treat:


timber floorboards sanded polished

Good as new! Thanks to the guys at RP Quality Floors for a top job!

Ready to move in – tomorrow (and no, we don’t have a kitchen, oops!)