The search for the oneThe search for our new family home has been stressful to say the least – this is going to be “The One”  – the one we will raise our kids to adulthood in and the one that we will grow old in too.  No pressure hey!?

To make it harder the search area isn’t yet nailed down either, we think we want to be near the beach in the western suburbs around where we used to live and preferably walking distance from the kids school.

However, I keep broadening the search and dreaming of living in the hills (ie. Stirling or Crafers) as I can picture us having no direct neighbours and letting the kids go crazy outside which they would love.

Then I imagine our budget being non-existent and look at the areas just south of the city near where I used to live when I first moved to the big smoke – Malvern, Goodwood, Unley etc.   Mmm, now is when those xlotto numbers need to come up pretty please?

So back to reality and the searching. 

With every new real estate website alert jumping into my inbox my heart would skip a beat – could this be the one?  But alas most times as soon as I open it and check the address I know it’s not right – one house from a main road, backs onto the trainline, has a bus stop out the front, that street is dodgy.  Working in local council makes me look at everything with an extra sense, I’ve heard too many horror stories.   Location, location isn’t a tried and true real estate adage for nothing!

The property investor side of me tries to just look at the numbers,  rate of capital growth, suburb demographics, etc, and in that way finding an investment property that ticks all the boxes is easier than finding that elusive perfect “home”.  Damn emotions!

So with the husband and 3 kids crammed in the car on sub 40 degree Saturdays we would do the open home trail.   We arrive at the first house full of hope and excitement but by the fifth we question whether it’s even worth looking past the front garden!

My husband and I would tag team to avoid taking the 3 kids through the house to touch every worldly possession they have  –  he goes in and looks while I sit in the car with the kids (with the air con running) and then he comes back, hands me the brochure,  grunts something about how much work it is or how the agent’s dreaming with the price, and then I go in by myself to have a good look around without worrying about the bone china collection being smashed all over the tiles!

We end up heading home after just feeling frustrated and a bit helpless.  We don’t know what to do because nothing is hitting the mark.

  • Do we buy an old place to knockdown and rebuild?  This means renting somewhere again for 12 months
  •  Do we buy a smaller place on a larger block to then renovate and extend?  Costly but we get what we want whilst living there also (albeit not comfortably)
  • Do we try to find a house already big enough that just needs cosmetic reno?  This would be great if I could find an existing floor plan that didn’t need major changes as well 

We’re looking at all of these options because dollar wise they could all be similar anyway, it’s just a matter of finding anything that’s workable.

So the search continues, ooh was that a new listing I hear?  Maybe this is the one…..