It’s all systems go with the pre-move renovations, after finally finishing the wallpaper, the to do list looks like this:

  1. Electrician to install tv points (can you believe there was not one!?), extra power points, smoke alarms, remove old wall strip heater, remove several wall lights and install safety switch to meter box.  The electrician said the wiring was so dodgy, some power points were wired with speaker wire so he would not let us move in until these were fixed…
  2. Plasterer to remove and fill vents, remove and replace cornice (with Boral New York 90mm), remove and fill old airconditioner bulkhead in entry
  3. Plumber to remove old gas heater
  4. Us to remove old skirting and pull up carpets
  5. Painter to repaint walls and ceilings 
  6. Floor sander to sand and polish pine timber floors
  7. Carpenter to install new skirtings

Did I mention this all needs to be done within 3 weeks?

I do at least have everyone booked in and ready to go, the plasterer commented that he wished everyone was as organised as me which made me feel better.

On my day off I  have one tradie after the other coming through to quote.  I’ve also had a designer look at it for doing extension/renovation part 2 plans (although he just couldn’t get past why we weren’t knocking it down) and an airconditioning company look at the current old ducted system with square metal ducting to see if we should keep it.

It was decided that this old ducting needs to go because as the poor electrician found out, it’s not at all flexible and takes up the whole roof space making it impossible to install new light fittings or insulation.   When the old roof comes off, the ducting will be removed too.

The wall vents have been removed so the holes look like this:

Wall vent removed

They really serve no purpose anymore but in my mind they keep the house looking “old”,  so they’ll be filled and painted and no one would ever know they existed – yay!

Something I knew would happen but not to what extent is one job leading to another… when the plasterer removed the cornice in the passage way across the top of the linen cupboard, the whole cupboard fell on him, knocking him over, hitting his head on the wall opposite!  Obviously the cornice was the only thing holding the cupboard up!  The fall broke the cupboard and therefore we needed to get a new cupboard to fill the space.   I decided to grab an interim one from Cheap as Chips and put baskets on top for extra storage.  I then needed another one for the laundry as the washing machine space was too small to fit ours because of the large old broom cupboard.

New cornice looks great though..

cornice - renovation


Ahh, renovation, renovation.


Tash x