Our renovation week 1


Well, it’s finally happened…  Our renovation has begun and we have action on site!

A lot of action actually in a few days, so here’s a round up of Reno Week 1:

Asbestos removal, our Reno week 1

The asbestos removal company came to get rid of the asbestos laden eaves and carport lining.  The site became a danger zone and I had to exit the premises quick smart..

Asbestos removal, our Reno week 1

We couldn’t re-enter the house until 4pm but it’s great that it’s gone.

Carport lining removed, our Reno week 1


Site toilet, our Reno week 1

The site toilet arrived so we knew that sh#@ was getting real 😉

Carport roof removed, our Reno week 1

Our brother-in-law the roof tiler came on Saturday morning to remove all the tiles from the carport as that would be the first thing going when the builders come on Tuesday.

Carport roof removed, our Reno week 1Carport roof removed, our Reno week 1

Then first thing Monday morning trucks, diggers and bobcats arrive and start knocking things down and ripping things up!  A day earlier than expected, you don’t hear that often!


Carport roof removed, our Reno week 1

Bye carport!  I’d put those gates on Gumtree to sell and had basically sold them but when I got back from the shops they’d already gone on the truck to the dump – doh!


Bitumen getting ripped up, our Reno week 1

The horrible bitumen backyard came up really easily which was a relief.


Laminex joinery selections, our Reno week 1

I left them to it and went to see the cabinetmaker to discuss the kitchen, vanities and all other joinery.   I’d already emailed him several Pinterest photos of what I’m after (yay for Pinterest!), so we could get into details pretty quickly and discussed actual drawer configurations and internal accessories.

One thing still to decide is what material to use for the walk in robe cabinets.   Laminex Impressions make a great board that looks much better than standard white melamine but I admit I hadn’t put a lot of thought into what I want it to be.  I’m tossing up between an oak timber grain to match the bedside tables (that I haven’t bought yet), or a plain charcoal or charcoal timber grain, which I think will be too dark as we’ll be having charcoal carpet.  I’ve got a bit of time up my sleeve to make the choice though.

The cabinetmaker will send me through some 3D images of the designs to look at so until then, back to the house I went…


Porch being removed - our Reno week 1

The front porch post was removed so a temporary timber support was installed.


Porch being removed - our Reno week 1

The soil is sand at the front and clay at the back which is kinda weird…


yard cleared - our Reno week 1

That’s a serious drop from the back door.

An electrical wire running from the house to the rear shed (connected to a power point in the kitchen – random), was cut during the digging.  It tripped our safety switch leaving us without power for a couple of hours.  The wire was disconnected and made safe (there’s sure been crazy wiring in this house)!


Clearing the yard - our Reno week 1

Sorry lawnmower man, you don’t need to come anymore.

It’s kinda scary to see just how big the extension is (you can check out the floor plan here)


Clearing the yard - our Reno week 1

Sayonara bitumen!


Clearing the yard - our Reno week 1

Now there’s a pile of sand to walk through to get to the front door which the kids think is awesome (me not so much).

The surveyor came a few days later to define the side boundary where the garage will go and found that the boundary is actually about 50mm at the front to 100mm at the back over on the neighbours side (not an unusual finding but I’m sure they didn’t think it was ideal).

The boundary fence section was also removed ready for trenching.

I did window and door selections on Friday but I want to share that in a separate post.

So that’s one week down, many, many to go, but if this pace keeps up we’ll be laughing (oh yes, I have everything crossed that will happen)


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Our Renovation week 1