Time for timber framing – woohoo!

The guys from Smith General Building got cracking on the wall frames.  It doesn’t seem to take long at all, gotta love the nail gun!

timber framing extension

It freaked me out how tall it looked.  With the height of the concrete floor and then 3m high frame it seems to tower over everything.  timber framing extension

The “kids wing” – bathroom, WC, vanity, 2 bedroom and games room.  The 3rd kids bedroom is just being extended as seen on the left of pic below.timber3

The dining/family room –  start of framing of back wall where bifold doors will go.timber4

Family room – floor length windows on either side of TV.timber5

The back of the existing house had some roof tiles removed and new timbers installed ready to place the steel support beam later in the week.  Temporary props were put inside the house in the kitchen, laundry and bathroom to hold the extra weight – very attractive additions as you can see..

timber framing extension

Then the rain came..

Then that night, of all nights, we unexpectedly copped 24mm of rain throughout the night, it just poured non-stop. Water ran through the cornice and down the walls in the kitchen, laundry, toilet and bathroom.   By morning, the bathroom cornice was sagging so badly I was sure it was going to fall off.  It has just managed to hold on.. so far.

This is my new motto:



Next morning, they were back to assess the damage.  The ceiling was dried out, the old wet insulation was removed and plastic sheet was put across to try and keep it waterproof.  More rain is expected tomorrow when the steel beams and trusses are due.


Timber framing is looking awesome though:

timber12 timber13

Steel arrived but right when the plastic sheet was pulled back to install the steel beam, the heavens opened and it bucketed down sending heaps of water inside all over the floor!  Oops!

But at least all three beams were installed – one at outside edge of terrace, one for exterior bifold doors and one supporting existing exterior wall as discussed.


And then the poor timber delivery guy craned over the trusses when the second round of rain hit.

I got drenched too cos I had to go and move my car to make way for the truck. timber15

On a brighter day,  roof framing started, it’s nearly as high as the neighbour’s two-storey!    Love when you walk under that section now as you can get a real feel for the size of the rooms.


Better shot of the steel without the rain 😉timber18

What else is happening?

We have a garage!  I’d been waiting to see this done because it had to wait until last so the steel could get through to the back.   It looks so good, and now I can really see how the facade is all going to come together.   The garage itself is huge too, 7.3m x 7m, so plenty of room for both cars and storage shelving down one side.  There’ll be a roller door at the back to put the boat through to the carport behind and keep Mr B happy.

timber framing garage

The new verandah will be built when the roof framing gets reconfigured.  We’ve got 3 Unitex tapered pillars going in the corners there.

We’ve had quite the mud pile this week right off that corner where the gutter’s missing.   Could be worse, at least we’ve got concrete by the door, right?


It cracks me up seeing all the walkers come by, stop and look, look again, chatting to each other about what they think we’re actually doing.   Some of the ideas have been quite funny.   It’ll be interesting to see what they say at the end.

So next week much of the existing roof needs to come off to reconfigure and tie in with the new roof structure… and rain’s been forecast every day.  Since when does that happen?  I said to Mr B we’ll probably have the wettest winter in history this year when last year it hardly rained at all!  Grrr.  Oh well, we’ll carry on.

Have a great weekend.

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