I thought there was plenty of action in Update #6, but this one has even more!


After the fascias come the gutters.  They were installed on Saturday ready for the roofers Monday.

I chose the colorbond half round profile in Woodland Grey which will hopefully tie in nicely with the roof tiles.  It was tricky to choose a match cos they’re a new colour called Shale (but not the same as Colorbond Shale.  I know, confusing!).

reno update woodland grey gutters

this pic makes the gutters look darker than they are.

That damn wind

Blustery winds hit Saturday night and Sunday night.  The tarps are now right over our bedroom window at the front so every gust makes a huge racket inside.

I got very little sleep on both nights.  The winds were constant night and day, so when Monday night’s forecast said – “The worst is yet to come”, I said to Mr B “I’m outta here!”

For the first time it was all just too much for me.

We chucked a suitcase and our pajama-clad children in the car and checked into a last minute apartment-hotel at Glenelg, a 5 minute drive away.   The receptionist took pity on us, upgrading our room to a 3 bedroom apartment.   She just looked at me and said “Rough day?”.  LOL!   Who knows what she thought our story was!

And no kidding, the apartment was bigger than our whole existing house!

We all got a very comfortable sleep but unfortunately were up and out of there again by 7am to get ready for work.  If we didn’t have a trip to Melbourne booked for the weekend I seriously would’ve stayed there for the week.

In the 4 weeks we’ve had tarps on, we’ve had 3 “Severe Weather Warnings”!  Seriously, how’s the timing?



Back to the action

When they weren’t nearly getting blown off, the roof tilers put the sarking and battens up.

The stone was completely removed from the front (as previously discussed here).  It looks so bare and crazy with wires hanging everywhere.  Thankfully it won’t be like that for long – new windows will be installed on Friday and then all bricked up by Monday.  While the brickie’s onsite he’ll also brick up the wall inside between the lounge and dine.

That timing couldn’t be better – we’re off on a 4 day weekend to Melbourne so we can hand over the keys and miss the chaos.




It was all hands on deck on Thursday with the roof tilers, brickies and builders on site.

And a better pic of the gutters too:



The internal front wall of the garage was lined with blueboard rather than gyprock.  The builder suggested this as the panel lift door frames tend to squash and compress soft gyprock.  Blueboard holds up better long term against the pressure.  Sounds good to me!




The front yard’s full again after the delivery of the roof tiles and bricks.



A road trip

So we left the hive of activity and drove to Melbourne on Friday for a long weekend break.   It was nice to stop thinking about the house 24/7 (although of course I was wondering what was going on), and have a decent shower!

The kids loved the Aquarium, footy at Etihad, St Kilda pier and Luna Park.   But they never want to drive there again – “it’s too faarrr”, “can’t we just fly?”.   Aah the joy!!




Back home

Arriving home on Monday evening, we were excited to find all the work done we were expecting:

The new front windows installed, new door frame and temporary door installed, and the front bricked up ready for render.   All the battens were on the roof too ready for tiles.   What a difference a few days makes!





Coming inside though was a different story..

The living/dine wall was bricked up as expected but the amount of dust covering EVERYTHING in the house was crazy!

The blue/grey lounge was now brown/beige, the kitchen benches and table were covered, as well as the beds and the floor.

So instead of unpacking and having an early night, I spent the next 2 hours wiping each surface down, vacuuming and mopping so we could go to bed!

Clearly I neglected to cover everything before we left, doh!



This pic taken after the lounge was vacuumed 😉


Window woes

On looking at the windows the next morning I knew they were the wrong size.   They were supposed to sit lower than the original ones, 300mm from floor level.    My trusty tape measure told me these were 480mm above ground.

After speaking to the builder and then Trend Windows, it was found that when we changed to the Quantum frame, Trend took it upon themselves to change the size, providing a standard 1800mm height rather than make a non-standard.

I argued that I had never been informed of this and if it had to be a standard size, given the option, I would’ve paid extra to go up to a 2100mm.

I was then devo that of course I was away when it was done.  Had I seen those windows being installed I would’ve known straight away they weren’t right and may have been able to sort out a solution then and there.    Even lowering those ones would’ve appeased me.

But at this stage, no one was willing to take responsibility or offer to replace them.  To replace them now would cost us time and money, and there’s no way I’m gonna pay for it.

So, I’ll deal this time.   But it looks like no more holidays for the project manager 😉

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