Roof framing continued this week.  Also the wall sarking was wrapped around the walls ready for the Hebel PowerPanel. renovation roof framing


The verandah starting to take shape.

renovation roof framing


Excitement ensued on Wednesday when Trend delivered the windows.  They arrived just before I left for work but on my return in the afternoon the truck was there loading them back on! Whaaat?

The builder wasn’t happy as on inspection, several had scratches and scuff marks so he sent them back.  Hopefully it doesn’t take long to get them replaced.renovation roof framing

Rain keeps falling nearly every day so there’s plenty of mud.

renovation roof framing


The new roof is being tied into the old.  A lot of new roof framing has to be done cos the original roofline has completely changed to allow for the addition of the garage at the front and the removal of the carport from the side.

With all the banging around on the roof, the cornice across the back wall in Renoboy’s room completely fell down one morning.  He can see daylight through the gap at the minute which he thinks is fantastic.  It certainly lets in a lot of draught though in this cold weather.   At least the tarps are now keeping out the water.

renovation roof framing


We can’t catch a break with the weather either – on Thursday night there was a severe storm over 100km/hr winds. The noise from the tarps banging and roof creaking kept us awake for hours.   It literally felt like the roof was going to fly off or fall in on us!  Lucky those tarps were tied down bloody tight!

After the cornice incident I was paranoid about the ceiling collapsing so Aidan slept in with us.  But then I was worried it was gonna fall in the girl’s room.

We survived though and on inspection in the morning the house was perfectly fine – phew!

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