It’s all happening now!  The front facade is coming along nicely with the Unitex piers arriving.  They came in 2 pieces, wrapped around the timber post and then joined.   Mouldings will go on top and bottom and then be rendered but I think they make a huge difference already:

Front elevation piers

Then the garage panel lift door (and roller at the back) were installed. Hooray!   So now it’s all locked up at the front the temporary fencing was removed….  and we suddenly felt really weird, like exposed.  After being fenced in for so long it was like we were out of jail but weren’t sure about our new found freedom (slight exaggeration, but it did take a while to get used to).

Front elevation panel lift door

On a much cheerier note, the robe and linen doors were all installed – arrghhh!  I LOVE them!

They’re Shaker profile in 2 pac Dulux Vivid White satin.

2 pack shaker robes

Note the handles are still missing so the masking tape ones have to suffice – one step at a time right?

The stone top then arrived for the vanity after the company remade it.  First time around they’d managed to cut one of the basin holes too far over.  Expensive mistake (for them) to make.

It’s Essastone Carrara Matt which has a lovely subtle finish to go with the grey subways.  I’m having this same one in the ensuite as well to go with the marble mosaics (not trying to match them, just complement).

Essastone Carrara Matt

On Wednesday night we moved our beds and stuff from the back rooms to the front rooms.    Us and son, plus the TV,  in our bedroom, and the girls in our robe.  Yes that’s right, the 2 girls single ensembles fit side by side with a walking gap between in our walk in robe.  I seriously can’t believe I never took a photo of it because it gave everyone a laugh when they saw them.

Anyway, we moved to allow the floor guys to come Thursday to start laying the back passage.   There was only enough stock left in Adelaide for that area until the new shipment arrived later that day.   But by getting started meant there was a good chance it could all be completed by the end of the weekend.

So kitchen in tomorrow and then rest of timber flooring Saturday/Sunday  #happydays

Hurfords Natural Oak Timber flooring

Hurfords Natural Oak Timber flooring

Such a relief to see some laid and absolutely love it.  Some pieces have quite deep knots which is cool but feels a bit weird when your toes go into them!  As mentioned previously, it’s Hurfords french oak in Natural.

Hurfords Natural Oak Timber flooring

The rest of the timber arrived.  They’re gonna be busy alright laying all of that!  The timber is throughout the house, all except the master bedroom/robe and front lounge.   Which is why we’re now living in those rooms for the phase 2 section of operation “Let’s get this place finished“.

The front lounge has now become our kitchen/dine, with the fridge, microwave, dining table and bench unit moved in there from the terrace (the terrace had to be cleared too ready for tiling).

The dishwasher and washing machine are now living in the garage, still alternating use of the outdoor tap (which I now have to access underneath the roller door).

I do like the fridge inside now, but carrying the heavy dishes in and out to the garage is not fun.  We also don’t have a separate TV room now so everyone crowds on the bed in our room to watch the TV (which sits on the floor).  Makes watching anything after kids bedtime impossible too with the little Mr there.


BUT, tada!…..

Kitchen Installation

Kitchen Installation

The kitchen carcasses were installed on Friday to my delight.  It’s a really roomy space which is great, we won’t all be bumping into each other in there.  I’m so excited cos I can already feel how great the kitchen will function.  A big kitchen is something I’ve waited for a long time.

The kitchen had to be installed before the floor could go down.  This is because the cabinetmakers need to connect the floor cabinets directly into the concrete for stability.   If the kitchen sits on top of the timber and is connected through it, then when the floor contracts and expands it’ll buckle.

So Saturday morning after the floor layer arrived, we cleared out for the weekend again.   Lucky my family lives in the country so a quick cheap weekend getaway is easy to do.

Moonta SplashtownMoonta Splashtown

The kids always have a ball and it was great weather for a waterpark and gelati.

When we got home Sunday evening we opened the door to this:

Hurfords Natural Oak Timber flooring

Hurfords Natural Oak Timber flooringHurfords Natural Oak Timber flooring

Oh praise the Lord, it’s GORGEOUS!  And we don’t have bare concrete anymore, sing hallelujah!

With the engineered boards you can walk on them right away which is great and it feels amazing underfoot.

Sooo happy 🙂

alfresco tiling

The terrace was tiled and looks great, I used a 600 x 600 matt porcelain stone look tile.

bathroom vanity

Vanity wall tiling was next.  I had it tiled all the way down the sides and under the wall hung vanity to finish it nicely.

Note here that I test painted a few new wall colour choices above the vanity (where it’ll be covered by a mirror).

I’m definitely not happy with the too beige current colour soooo…..

Painting - Dulux Vanilla Quake Quarter

I changed it on the second coat to be Dulux Vanilla Quake quarter.  The only concern was if this colour would cover over the first properly – if not I’d have to pay for a 3rd coat of paint throughout (really didn’t want to do that!).  Thankfully, it did cover really well and it was only over the white walls in the toilet/vanity that needed another 2 coats.

So much better, it was stressing me out no end but now it’s a perfect light grey.


Laundry JoineryLaundry Joinery

Some laundry and mudroom cabinets were installed as well.


Pantry Joinery

I ended up using the remaining herringbone marble mosaics from the ensuite as the pantry splashback.   There was just enough, but now I need to buy more to complete the fireplace makeover.

Miele oven and steam oven

My appliances were sitting in the garage but they’d lost some original packaging after going to the joiners and back, so it was safer to install them asap.

I got a Miele pyrolytic (self-cleaning) oven and a steam oven.   I love the Miele brand although they’re pricey, so I was stoked when I managed to get the oven on a rare sale for $1999!

The steam oven I was impressed with when I was at the Miele Experience cooking demo a while back.  It can cook everything from casseroles to cakes and I’m busting to give it a go.

Dishes in a tub

After all this though, I still don’t have a sink to wash up in, so plastic tub it is.


2016 Christmas Tree

In an attempt to get into the festive spirit we put up the Christmas tree.  It’s gonna be the only decoration we have this year.   The kids keep asking when we’re putting up our usual light displays out the front…  I’m like “Have you seen our front yard?!”  Not this year, sorry kids.

I’ve still got so much stuff to organise to get everything done before Christmas, I can’t even deal with thinking about presents etc yet…..

And apparently we’re sposed to be hosting Christmas Day lunch!  Chicken and chips on paper plates perhaps?


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