After a rushed weekend move, we’re back home!

Wow, it really is gonna be interesting living here at the moment.

We’ve got black plastic covering the floor and the windows (classy!) and the only available water is from the shower or external tap (eek).

We’ve got our son’s king single mattress and our king size bed in one bedroom, and the two girls beds in the other. The kids clothes are mostly in the robes but Renodad and I just have a drawer each, all our other clothes are in bags and boxes (mostly in the shed!).   Deep breaths!

A positive though is the house is much warmer at night than we expected. We thought we’d be freezing with no heating, but so far so good.  The hebel walls and great insulation must be doing a great job.



So this is the outdoor kitchen set up and ready to go.

Fridge, washing machine, microwave, crappy dishwasher & BBQ with a drawer unit for benchspace along with table and chairs.

The trouble is we only have one working tap outside so I’m constantly changing connections from the dishwasher to washing machine and back again.  Of course on Saturdays the renderer comes to work, disconnects my hose to connect his and then I’m stuffed for the day!


Inside, the kids TV room is our lounge and kitchen storage area…. at least the coffee is easily accessible (#priorities). At this stage I can’t find anything though, trying to make a meal is hopeless and I don’t want to make dishes cos I can’t wash them!

I’m thinking Lean Cuisine’s will be the go for the next month or so…



On Monday I headed to Kewco to look at mirrors, but just as I got there I got a call to get back to the house cos the tiler had arrived.  I needed to show him how I wanted the marble mosaics laid.  I quickly returned, had a chat to him and then headed off again.

When I returned several hours later, the wall looked like this.  The marble mosaics are so gorgeous!  I don’t wanna cover them with a vanity and mirrors now.  Love, love, love!


Speaking of the renderer, he painted the walls and I love them!  Dulux Pipe Clay came up a treat, it’s a real greige colour that looks anywhere from grey to beige to greenish depending on the light.


And then the storm

On Wednesday evening, we battened down the hatches as Adelaide copped a huge storm.  The whole state then had a blackout!  It was kinda funny for us cos we have to cook on the BBQ anyway but that night everyone needed to. Thursday was not much better weatherwise either, and going outside in the wind and rain just to get the milk out the fridge, then everything inside feeling cold and damp was quickly weakening my resolve.

So we were more than happy to pack up Friday to head off to our fave Yorke Peninsula holiday spot for the long weekend.  I know it’s only been a week back in the house but I needed a break already!


This view was better 🙂


Back home

The bathroom shower screen panel was installed.  I’d insisted the glass be higher than standard, made to measure to be level with the top of the shower rail and finishing on the grout line.  I’m glad I did, it’s a pet hate of mine when the shower head sits higher than the screen.  And I’m so glad I can confirm the little details like that on site as we go.


I’m determined to makeover the original fireplace in the front lounge, just to add character.  I want to tile it with the marble mosaics and build a big new mantle and surround.

I removed the mantle and knocked out an extra row of bricks in the middle, enlarging the opening to make it more even.  Tell you what, bashing bricks with the sledgehammer was great fun and an awesome stress reliever!


The new front door was put on with the cool Lockwood bar handle.  It was tricky to get the handle not too high and the deadlock not too low.  But I think it’s just right.   Looking forward to the door being stained now.

Meanwhile, Sophie’s happy as long as she can still have pancakes on the weekend!  Lucky the weather has turned now and it’s nice having breakfast outside in the mornings.


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