There was action aplenty onsite this week, gotta get it done while the sun’s shining for once!
Bright and early the windows reappeared and the hebel panels were delivered.

renovation update



Straight away the windows were then installed!


Installation also began on the hebel panels.  It’s not only quick but way less messy than bricks and mortar. #winning



It’s not often I see the whole front without the tarps over the roof, but I’m LOVING the look of the new facade now the verandah framing has started.

renovation front facade

Then the walls came tumbling down..

But an unexpected extra cropped up –
When the roof framing was being done at the front, all the banging made the stone start to come loose and fall away! Turns out it wasn’t tied in properly to the brickwork behind (bloody old houses).  The builder said if we tried to fix it and render over it, chances are it’d start cracking and fall off in the near future.


So it was decided to remove all the stone and rebrick it properly before rendering.   We have to wait now for the brickie to have a look and quote on the additional work.  After all that, we’re now replacing one of the few things we were leaving alone.   Fingers crossed the extra cost won’t break the bank as our surplus funds are quickly diminishing to like nil!



I tried softening the blow to Mr B by suggesting we could make good use of the stone – maybe building something like this badboy in the alfresco area:



What do you think?  Hopefully we can make a positive out of a negative situation.



Fascias were next on the list for installation.  I chose to use colorbond fascias rather than timber.

Most people tend to use timber fascias, but often the timber is bowed, the joins pull apart at the corners and it needs repainting.  Colorbond is a straighter, low maintenance option, but the obvious disadvantage is that you’re then limited to the colorbond range of colours rather than a whole paintdeck to choose from.

I chose Surfmist as I wanted the lightest possible colour and it’ll be the colour of the Panel lift door.

FYI – I’ll do a separate post on all our exterior colours shortly (once I’ve confirmed the render colour!). 

reno update - windows walls


Speaking of render, no sooner did the walls go up it seemed the renderer got cracking on the first coat of texturecoat.

reno update - windows wallsreno update - windows walls



The plumbers arrived for 1st fix – bathroom, vanity, WC, outdoor kitchen and exterior taps.   It was fun talking through the exact locations of each.

As we’re having wall taps I had to give them the mixers to install the inwall part.

Plumbing for the vanity basin wall taps needs to be exactly right at this stage.  We still had too many unanswered questions regarding the vanity unit design for that plumbing to be done yet so they’ll come back for that.

The builders need to install more framing for the inwall cistern too so that’s yet to be done.

reno update - windows walls

reno update - windows walls


Phew! That was a whole lotta action!

It’s actually starting to feel like a real house now 🙂

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