After what felt like forever, we finally had some roof tiles laid on Tuesday – and they look great!

A solid roof again..


I’d been a bit stressed about the tiles because they’re a new Boral colour called “Shale”.   I’d only seen them on an under-construction display home during a drive-by, so was still a little unsure.

We have a lot of visible roof from the street so if it looked bad, it’d be really bad!

But alas, I couldn’t be happier…. AND NO MORE TARPS, YAY!!


I absolutely love the classic shingle profile.   It perfectly suits the Hamptons style of our home.

(The capping tiles still need to be bedded in, they’re just sitting there at the moment).


The plumbers returned on Wednesday to fit the inwall cistern and the vanity tap lines.   I drew up a sketch of the vanity unit and checked the basin sizes to ensure the plumbing is in the exact right spot – with wall taps it can’t be altered after.


This badboy arrived on Thursday.  We’d been hanging out to see the big bi-fold installed.



Looks so good even without glass in it.   The door needs to be glazed on site or it would be too heavy to fit!

The kids think it’s amazing they can walk through the door like magic 🙂image

I met with the electrician early in the week as well to go through the electrical plan.  His original inclusions were very good but there’s always more power points to be added.

There’s so much to think about with electrical plans so I’ll do a separate post all about it (and I’m sure we could’ve added more).

After many hours of scribbling and highlighting (and with the obligatory coffee spill), we came up with this:


How anyone can understand it I don’t know!


But, they got it sorted and the 1st fix electrical was completed (in the extension).


Eaves linings also started.  They were done before the renderer comes back so he can render right up to the quad and finish it off cleanly without the unsightly gap.

Happy days 🙂


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