asbestosSo , not exactly a sexy topic to discuss but I thought I’d tell you about my recent experience with asbestos.

Any house built or renovated prior to 1987 is almost definitely going to contain asbestos somewhere, so with our 60’s built beauty it was inevitable that we would need to find out exactly where.

We were wanting to take down the old lean to carport that’s attached to the old garage in our backyard.   There are panels on the enclosed side that on closer inspection I thought may contain asbestos so before we just went gungho to demolish, I called a local asbestos testing company to test.

The rep came and took samples of both the contoured panelling and the flat sheeting on the carport and then I also asked him to take a sample of the eaves on the house as most 60’s houses eaves contain asbestos and we would need to know shortly for the upcoming house extension.

To take the samples he just cuts a small piece of the material and places straight into a small plastic bag.  He then seals the cut to ensure the material isn’t exposed (asbestos is not dangerous unless damaged or broken)

He showed me all the pieces and said that he believed all three samples contained asbestos.  I could see the fibres poking out of the material which he said was the indicator.


Asbestos fibres. Picture courtesy of

So he took the samples and a few days later received the report with the lab test which showed that indeed they were all asbestos as expected.

Costs to remove and dispose of the carport lining was $1100 and the eaves $1650.


But at least we know what we’re dealing with and we can get the carport done shortly and the eaves later.

This great video by Cherie Barber of Renovating for Profit details where you might have asbestos in your home too, so many places no one would ever consider:

You really can’t muck around with this stuff so better to be safe than sorry and get it tested.


Tash x