Top 6 Hamptons style kitchen pendants

This week I’ve been researching lighting, particularly the pendant lights that I want to hang over the kitchen island bench.

Pendants create a focal point, a feature and a sense of drama and luxe to the space.

With a 3m long island bench I’ll go for a set of 3 pendants for the kitchen (yeah I know, really not original!) and while I haven’t confirmed my choice yet, I wanted to share this group of 6 classic Hamptons style kitchen pendant lights.

I love all of these and could imagine any of them in my Hampton style kitchen with white shaker doors and calacutta marble look caesarstone benchtops.    There’s the problem right there though – which one to choose!?

With lighting over a kitchen bench, they’re not there just to look gorgeous but to serve an important purpose and the purpose needs to be considered before choosing the style.

Some (like No’s 1 & 5) provide general lighting to illuminate the whole space which is great if you don’t have downlights or other lighting in the kitchen.

Others (like No’s 2 & 4) provide directional lighting or task lighting, which points down onto the bench to help with your food prep activities.

So this is a consideration too in the choice.

There are so many gorgeous pendant lights available and although I’m worried they’ll probably end up dating and be very unfashionable, not to mention I’m sure I’ll get sick to death of trying to keep them clean, here are my:

Top 6 Kitchen Pendant Lights

Top 6 Hamptons Style pendant lights

1/  Globe Pendant Clear at Beacon Lighting

2/  Classic Ribbed Glass Pendant from Pottery Barn

3/  Searchlight Dalston Glass Pendant from Masters

4/ Gunnar Pendant Light from Cox & Cox UK

5/ Nickel Hanging Dome Pendant from Interiors Online

6/ Industrial Pendant Clear by West Elm

They range in price which is something to consider when 3 are needed, but at the end of the day, they are such a statement in the home that a few extra bucks here would be well worth spending if necessary.

The other popular classic Hamptons light is the Chrome Industrial Pendant like this:

Hamptons style white kitchen | Home of marble and mint renovations

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I think I’m the only one not to have it in my top 6 which is just because the chrome isn’t the look I’m after (and that’s the first time I’ve ever said that too, I usually have chrome everywhere!)

Aghh, so many choices!

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Do you have a favourite style of pendant light? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below