If there’s one thing I love, it’s looking at a good floor plan.

In the building industry I used to admire them all day long, then at Beaumont Tiles I’d always check out people’s plans when doing take-offs, taking note of any great features of the design.

Now at council when speaking to residents about their building projects I’ll pause to look at their plan, and of course when searching for real estate the floor plan is the first thing I look for (and I hate it when there isn’t one on the website!)

So when it came time for designing our own floor plan I knew what I wanted, but the constraints of the existing dwelling certainly threw me a bit.

I commissioned a designer who I’ve known for years to design and draw the plans.

This is our current floor plan (I know, it’s tiny right?)existing

Basically it’s only the front 2 rooms (currently Bed 1 and Lounge) that are staying as is and so there were several options we first had to work through first to get the plan happening.

They were:

1.Swapping the Lounge & Bed 1 and turning the dine/kitchen into WIR/ensuite

–  this meant we didn’t get the garage access into the house

2. Making Bed 1 and lounge into kids bedrooms to make 3 beds at the front and building our bedroom at the rear

–  I loved the idea of us looking out to the pool (one day) but it meant the kids wouldn’t have a bathroom close to their rooms and I do have a security issue about us being away from the street

3.  Making Bed 2 our ensuite/WIR, leaving lounge (but blocking dine access) and building 3 kids bedrooms and bathroom to rear

– this was the eventual winner, even though it’s pretty stock standard, it just made sense!

You would not believe the hours I spent trying to (badly) sketch up the possibilities, trying hard to imagine us living in it and using those spaces.

Eventually we came up with this:

Designing a floor plan - Tips for designing a floor plan - Home of Marble and Mint

I feel pretty lucky cos my wishlist has been fulfilled and there’s not much I’ve had to compromise on space-wise.

Having the laundry near the kitchen but away from everything else was a big one –  I can never understand why designs have the laundry in between the kids bedrooms?

Also having garage access straight into the laundry to dump bags etc, then through the pantry to drop the groceries before entering the kitchen will be so handy.

I love that this will be our everyday exit and entry but guests won’t need to see those areas at all.

It was only the boat storage in the existing carport that was a sticking point because I would’ve loved that space to extend out the pantry and laundry.

But I lost that one as hubby has a boat, so we need that space to house it.  So they’re a bit squishier than I would like (but hey, certainly not complaining!)

It just means that we don’t have a direct external door in the laundry, we can go out via the garage.

Designing a floor plan - Laundry with splashback window - Home of marble and mintSooo…, we’ll put in a sliding splashback window which will sit flush with the bench, kinda like this..

Then I can just slide the laundry basket out onto an outside bench ready to hang all the washing, pretty cool hey?

I also realised that even in houses where I’ve had a laundry door, I’ve never used it cos it’s always key locked so just easier to walk back out through the living area to the backyard.

I figure if this all I’m missing, I’m doing pretty well and I’m sure the laundry and pantry will be big enough.   I’m just happy to have the access from the garage that I really wanted.

The other one was the ensuite/robe.

As this is transforming from the existing girl’s bedroom, we had to use the space as is – I would have preferred a completely separate toilet in here but to do that we would have to have a “walk through the middle” robe which means the robe ends up dark and with corners everywhere.

At least this way we have a nice long ensuite with double shower and double vanity, large tall window and a robe with long lengths of storage and natural light.

Designing a floor plan - Our ensuite design - Home of marble and mint

Like this but mirror imaged 🙂

There are several things I want to alter still,  like adding a long linen in the rear passage, changing the living side glass door to a window and possibly extending the living/dine out to the where the TV recess is shown..

But now it’s ready to be lodged with council for approval.

So exciting!!!


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