Can you guess what the no 1 thing was on my home wishlist?


Yep, seriously there can never be enough!

I think a house with lots of storage and built in cabinets is an organised house, right, no mess?

We’ve currently got an old garage full of boxes of stuff we can’t fit in the house, so I long for storage where everything has it’s place and is easy to find.

So robes in the bedrooms, a linen in the vanity area and a 3 door linen in the passage (for boardgames, wrapping papers etc) is a good start.

It’s not shown on the plans yet but I desperately long for a full bank of built in cabinets and shelves across the lounge room wall like this:


And we’ll probably put a wall of shelving across the side garage wall too for large things like suitcases, sporting gear, fishing gear etc.   Oh yeah!

I’m so excited about having a mini “mudroom” on the left as you come in from the garage.  This will house the kids school bags, shoes, hats and other stuff they usually drag through the house and dump.

I hope to have it look something like this:

mud room storage

or this:

Storage a plenty in the mudroom

It’s sooo cute!


Not to mention a walk in robe that’s decked out with special homes for shoes, jumpers, hats, scarves and handbags (you know, all those things that currently end up on the floor or stuffed in the back of the cupboard).

Great robe storage solutions

even colour coordinated!


And last but not least, the kitchen!

A kitchen with lots of drawers and overheads is a dream but I’m particularly excited about the walk in pantry.

I’ve never actually had one before, but Mum had a huge butler’s pantry when I was growing up (waaaay before they were trendy) so it’s pretty special.

I imagine filling it with a heap of baking goods in gorgeous clear containers with chalkboard labels, and then pretending that I bake, hehe 😉

Don’t worry, I’m sure even with all that storage the house will still look like a bomb site on most days – why is it when I picture this house, I imagine the residents suddenly being neat freaks! (Now that’s a dream!)


Do you have any home storage that you couldn’t live without?

Or some that you’re craving too?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below 🙂