5 Tools a reno woman cant do without

As a reno woman there are several tools that are must-haves.

I’ve learned the hard way that jobs are so much easier when you have the right tool for the job (seriously I’ve banged in several picture hooks with the back of the potato masher)

The Top 5 Tools I Can’t Do Without:


Screwdriver (well a whole set actually!)   screwdriver set in tools a reno woman can't live without

Phillips head and flat blade screwdrivers are required constantly when unscrewing things for removal or building and installing new items.

Screwdrivers are a Mum’s best friend, let alone a Reno Woman’s.

I keep a couple in the kitchen ready for those toys that run out of batteries and urgently need replacing (what’s with those tiny screws?)

Also handy for opening paint tins and stirring the paint when a timber stirrer can’t be found 😉



Really needs no explanation (see above re picture hooks!)


Tape Measure 

Several of various lengths if possible.   I LOVE my tape measure and measure everything I can to get a visual idea of how big a space is or will be.

I also take a small one with me when sourcing products to double check the sizes of things.

I would absolutely love one of those laser measures the designers have –  measuring heaven!


Cordless Drill

Preferably one with a hammer option so it can drill through masonry.  The drill has been vital to hang curtains, build new cupboards and most of all for building and installing the new kitchen.

Make sure to get one with a spare battery so there’s no waiting halfway through the job.


Pry Bar pry bar - tools a reno woman can't be without

Ahh the pry bar (or jimmy bar).  It’s a lifesaver when removing skirtings, carpet tacks and all manner of demolition jobs, as well as removing nails.   Love it!



Other Must Have Tools

Circular Saw and Jigsaw 

These are obviously amazing tools for tradie’s but I’ve only used them so far when cutting the kitchen splashback panels.  Think I need some more practice with these, I was worried about chopping my finger off!


Stud finder 

No not that type of stud!

In timber framed walls the stud finder will beep to let you know where the studs (vertical timbers) are.  Great for when you need to hang a heavy item like a TV.

A good one might also be able to locate electrical wires and water pipes too.


Paint brushes and rollers

I’ve learnt that it’s worth spending decent money to get good quality brushes and to get the right nap roller for the job.  A cutting in tool like the Shur-line Edger is also worth it’s weight in gold.


Spirit Level 

There’s no point hanging a great piece of artwork if it’s not straight!  A few spirit levels of different sizes are a must to make sure your work is square.

Pair of saw horses

Sure they just stand there,  but these trestle workbenches come in so handy when DIYing or renovating.   I’ve painted many lengths of skirting using my outdoor chairs as makeshift saw horses, and the chairs were definately worse off for the experience (can’t say I’m not resourceful though).


Plus a couple of handy tools for DIY decor:

Hot Glue Gun

So quick and easy for many crafty decor items, not to mention school crafts and last minute costume making!  Keep away from the kids though, that glue is super hot and dangerous!

Staple Gun

This is a must to make covered canvases, headboards, and various other home decor items. Warning:  It’s a bit addictive and you start searching for random items to staple! (I can only imagine what I’d be like with a nail gun)


So which one is your favourite?   Have I missed it?

Have fun with the tools ladies!