Hi I’m Tash and I’m a property addict!  There I’ve said it, now for some therapy…

10 ways to tell you are property obsessed

Family and friends will attest to the fact that I am seriously property OBSESSED (or passionate as I like to put it!)

I love all the aspects of it, building, renovating, investing, buying, selling, designing and decorating.  After seeing several of these online quizzes I thought I’d make my own Aussie top 10,  and sadly several apply to me!

10 ways to tell you are property obsessed:


  1. Your computer desktop is a picture of John McGrath
  2. You’re thrilled when a friend/relative says they’re looking for a new house, you automatically start scouring and sifting through suitable properties, presenting them with the options without them even asking.
  3. If asked directions to a local icon you find yourself navigating by street name perfectly and you then draw them a map to rivals Google Maps.
  4. When walking into a friends house for the first time you enquire about the size of the land and if planning consent has been given for the extension, before asking them how they are. You then quiz them about local amenities and possible flooding.
  5. You own all of Margaret Lomas’s property books and have watched every episode of The Block
  6. The bulk of your email inbox is made up of property email alerts as you have set up so many requests with every possible property search website even though you’re not in the buying market
  7. When travelling to a new area you find yourself researching the statistics, wondering if this could be your dream neighbourhood or investment hotspot
  8. You watch Cherie Barber renovate a property and critique her choices and believe you could have done it for less.
  9. Your stack of Australian Property Investor magazines is taking over every available surface, and is competing only with your stack of Home Beautiful magazines
  10. Your Saturday social life is planned around the open inspection times and when asked your hobbies you wonder if “browsing realestate.com.au” counts?


You too?  Hopefully I’m not the only one!



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