Stone Day!  The gorgeous slabs of Caesarstone Statuario Maximus arrived and were installed on the kitchen benches and splashback.

And it looks aaamazing…


The cabinet doors arrived a few days later but still waiting on handles (I think they’re swimming them over from the company in Tasmania lol).


More Progress

Pushing into mid December and sooo much still to do..

The old garage at the back had been faithfully storing our stuff all this time.   We pulled everything out to start sorting through (I chucked out sooo much crap!)  Then we put the shed on Gumtree hoping someone would buy it and remove it for us…. which they did, awesome!  It took him several trips over a few weeks but alas it’s gone…

And now we just have the backyard of bitumen to get rid of.   I was so excited though to finally see the backyard space we still have.  It’s plenty of room (and can maybe fit a pool one day).


The mouldings went around the piers at the front and look fantastic.   Just waiting on the gable vents now for the exterior to be complete.

While I was out picking up the 2 ensuite basins (from 2 different stores, on either sides of the city), Regency came to install the bathroom vanity mirror.   But the top was a little tight in the corner and it smashed, damaging the cornice and chipping a tile but thankfully the vanity top and basins were OK.   A week later, the replacement came and fit like a glove.

The mudroom cabinetry looks awesome, we just need the railings and hooks fitted now for the kids school bags.

After changing my mind on the type of fridge at the last minute, I adjusted the pantry size to accommodate a fridge/freezer pigeon pair.  The Electrolux combo had the water dispenser in the fridge and auto ice in the freezer we were after, with enough size to hold all the food for a family of 5.


The final plumbing fit off was done and then the momentous occasion – I finally got to wash dishes in my new sink.  I’d never been so happy to wash dishes in my life!

My gorgeous freestanding bath that’d been sitting in the back shed all this time, was finally installed.   It finished the bathroom off perfectly and has a perfect gap all the way around for easy mopping.

Once I had 2 colour matched basins, the plumber fitted them off and siliconed them in.  I had bevelled edge mirrors made by Kewco that have clip on connectors.  This way, they’re not glued onto the marble mosaics so if they were to get broken they can easily be changed.

Here’s a close up… love, love!


Flat packing Fun

I wanted a lot of drawers in our walk in robe with a place for everything.  For this to be done by the joiner it was getting very pricey so we decided to head to IKEA for their PAX range instead.  This way we can get what we want andn chop & change over the years as we wish.

I’ll explain all the design details in another post, but let me just say the trip to IKEA to pick it up was crazy!   Usually I’m up for delivery for everything but for some reason when hubby had his work ute I suggested we pick up.   I hadn’t realized we’d have 74, yes 74 boxes to find, get through the checkout, head to the loading bay and then pack into the ute… 2 trolleys, 3 kids, one cranky husband later and we did it.   Couples kept walking past us saying “Gee, there’s a divorce waiting to happen”, “Good luck with that, you’re gonna need it”  and (to me) “You must have one patient husband”.   Yeah right!!

I must say, building them wasn’t quite as painful as I’d imagined.  We just needed to carcasses installed before the carpet could go in.  The issue was getting the tall units into the small robe space once it started filling up.  But we did it without killing each other so happy days.   The drawers etc were completed over the next few days and we’re still waiting on the shoe shelves for the bottom which were out of stock.

In the lounge, we ended up doing another IKEA run to buy 4 Billy bookcases to build my library wall.  Unfortunately they’re not quite the exact width of the wall so there’s a wider gap on either end than I’d like but hey, they do the job.  And just quietly, I totally built these ones myself (joiner helped though to actually fasten them to the wall). #girlpower

And at last the kitchen is complete!  Dishwasher installed and handles on!  I love it so much it’s ridiculous.  It’s exactly how I’d imagined and so spacious, I can’t wait to cook up a storm.  Feeling like a very lucky girl.

Gable vents completed the front and that was it folks.   Build officially finished.  There’s still pendant lighting to be done (because I still haven’t bought the bloody things) and curtains and blinds to go in,  but we made it just in time for Christmas.

And I’m exhausted!

We’ll have a break now, drink a lot of wine, then after New Year we can get cracking on the million jobs to be done outside – concreting, decking, landscaping, fencing, rainwater tank, carport, garden shed, etc, etc.

I’m still pinching myself it’s ours and feel so grateful to our builder for a wonderful job – I really couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Now we’ve got a gorgeous house, I just need to take out another mortgage to complete it, and furnish and decorate it how I want to!   Aargh!!


Merry Christmas,

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