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Our Renovation Update #11 – Bathroom, Paint and Fun Stuff

So much happening so fast at the moment, I feel like I’m barely half a step ahead of the builder with my selections, I need to step on it!


Bathroom waterproofing means we’re ready for tiling!  Only trouble was the floor tile I’d chosen wasn’t in stock so a last minute dash to every tile shop in Adelaide was in order.


renovation update 11 - bathroom


I found a gorgeous 300 x 600 grey travertine look tile at Cerbis Ceramics, it was the winner.   And I got my Matt White wall tiles from there also.

And then the floor tiles were laid!!  Hooray, I LOVE them!

renovation update 11 - bathroom


renovation update 11 - bathroom


These are the main bathroom, vanity and WC design sketches I did a while back.   I’m still on the hunt for the perfect grey subway tile.   I can’t believe the prices of them, the ones I’ve liked are about $100 m/2!   As you can see I’m doing a whole wall of them in the bathroom which is about 12m/2 so it adds up fast…

renovation update 11 - bathroom

renovation update 11 - bathroom


So I finally chose a grey subway from a gorgeous tile shop called Ceramica Tile and Design.   It’s a 75 x 300 gloss dove grey.  I ended up steering away from the handcut look subways that are everywhere at the moment cos I think they’ll date and I prefer the classic sleek look these ones create (I think the uneven surface and grout lines of handcut would drive me a bit batty!)

renovation update 11 - bathroom

renovation update 11 - bathroom

Sorry for pics with a heap of grout residue and no silicone but you get the idea!


They’re in the toilet as well,  helping to feature the in wall cistern toilet which is super cool.  I love them so much I now wish I’d used more, on the bathroom shower niche wall and toilet window wall.

renovation update 11 - bathroom


2nd fix timber

I happened to be driving past the house after school pickup, and saw an older guy delivering the skirtings, architraves and door jambs by himself.  He was struggling to get them off the truck as they’re 6m long.   No one else was at the house so I pulled over and gave him a hand.   The skirtings are 140mm high too so they were pretty heavy.  Bit awkward in my work heels, in the middle of the street, carrying them through the temporary fencing, around the old lamp post and trudging through the tiler’s sand on a warm arvo! It seemed to take forever carrying 2 at a time so I said “can we do 3?”  At least that got it over with quicker 😉

renovation update 11 - bathroom


The builder asked if I wanted the front hallway gyprocked over the old plaster walls.  I absolutely did as there were some pretty dodgy patched corners there, and this would give us lovely straight, flat walls to tie in the new.  In the end it’ll be pretty hard to tell that it isn’t a complete new build which is just the way I like it!
renovation update 11 - bathroom


In collaboration with Humes Doors and Timber, I designed my own Shaker style internal doors, and at last they arrived.
When Humes’ new Hamptons range didn’t include the style I wanted, they had them made up for me, whoop whoop!

They’re really just the traditional Hamptons shaker with a transom 2/3 of the way down.  They’ll match perfectly to the joinery cupboards.
Can’t wait to see them hung ready for painting.

renovation update 11 - bathroom





No sooner was the bathroom tiled than the ensuite was lined, plumbed and ready for tiling too!  It’s freaking me out how the front has so quickly caught up to the back.

renovation update 11 - bathroom


AND these beauties arrived just in time…. gorgeous herringbone marble mosaics from The Marble Mosaic Tile Co.

renovation update 11 - bathroom

The whole back wall will be done in them (goodbye tile budget!) because they’re stunning and the ensuite’s feature. The other walls will be the same matt white as the bathroom and the floor is the same also.


The gyprockers had fun lining the skylight (and patching the hole where the second one was).   I’m so glad we made that decision and by increasing the void size of this one it’s a stunning feature in the middle of the room.


renovation update 11 - bathroom



Now I thought I had the weekend to get more internal wall paint samples before confirming a colour on Monday.   However, the painter came Friday morning, sprayed undercoat to the whole back wing and by mid morning wanted a colour to do a first coat!  Eek!

I was taking my good friend out for a high tea lunch for her 40th birthday, so didn’t have time to think too much about paint colour that day..  So, I took the safe option and chose Dulux Beige Royal quarter, the colour we’d painted the house originally when we moved in.   I loved it as a perfect “greige”, it just went with everything.

When I saw that first coat though, I freaked!

On the new gyprock it was way darker and waaaayy beiger (is that a word?) than before.  It didn’t look like the colour at all, it was creamy.

And I didn’t really like it. Not to mention it wouldn’t go with the grey tiles at all.

We decided though to continue and see how it goes (but painted the vanity and toilet walls white).

renovation update 11 - bathroom


So now all the walls are lined and flushed, bathroom is tiled and we have doors, architraves, cornice, some paint and a toilet!
The taps and bath were supposed to have been installed too, but the tiler had cut slightly too large a hole for the little tap backplates to cover… So he has to replace a few tiles and recut before then.

We were supposed to have moved back in to the house as our six weeks were up, but luckily we could stay one more week to advance a bit further.



Met with the timber flooring installer too and he can install in 2 weeks… OMG we’re really getting to the home stretch now.

I chose this gorgeous French Oak in Natural from Hurfords Timber.  It’s just stunning, feels great underfoot and is hardwearing enough to withstand a busy household.  Perfect!

renovation update 11 - bathroom

renovation update 11 - Hurfords Elegant Oak natural timber floor


The vanity, robes and linens were installed, minus the doors,  and lighting was fitted to the back “kids wing” cos that’s where we’re moving into on the weekend!

renovation update 11 - bathroom

renovation update 11 - bathroom

Not sure how it’s gonna go – the 5 of us will be seconded to 3 rooms, 2 bedrooms and the TV room as living/dining/kitchen!!

It’s still bare concrete so I spent the night before vacuuming it to no avail, there’s still grey dust everywhere!

This could get interesting…

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