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5 Ways To Save Big Renovation Shopping

No matter how hard you try,  or how well you think you’ve included every little thing in your contract, it doesn’t take long for the renovation budget to start blowing out.

Although you don’t need all the bells and whistles, having a few special additions can really make your standard house become an amazing home.

Do you really want those gorgeous marble mosaic tiles, or that stunning pendant for the dining room?

When renovating your own place you want to have the best fittings and fixtures you can,  but you don’t want to pay full price, right?  I certainly don’t! 

Well, today I’m sharing my secrets to finding the best renovation shopping bargains to make your dollars stretch a lot further.

It might take some hours of research, but it could save you thousands.


5 ways to save renovation shopping | renovation bargains



    There are so many amazing online stores selling everything from taps to chandeliers.   Sign up for their newsletters to be the first to know about sales.  With any online purchases don’t forget the cost of delivery or postage (try to get “free postage” whenever possible).
    I like Renovation D and Renovator Store for good deals.
    Ebay is always fantastic.   And don’t forget Gumtree – it’s not just for selling your kids old clothes, there are many “new in box” building supplies to be found (and I use it to sell demolition goods for more spending money).


    Grays Online has fantastic sales –  I picked up a freestanding bath for $659 and an undermount basin for $19!   Just keep in mind that Grays usually add a 17.5% buyers premium fee so make sure you don’t bid too high.


    Check all the local stores for the best deals on the products you want and ask for trade discount.    Speak to as many experts as you can for advice.  I did selections at an exclusive bathroomware store, but then went down the road to purchase the same taps for half the price.
    Keep your eyes peeled for when stores are offering bonuses, freebies and 2 for 1 deals.


    Buying during the EOFYS or January sales can save you heaps from the big stores.   We put our sofas on order from Plush in June when they had 50% off.  They were happy to delay manufacture and delivery until November when we’ll be ready for them.


    Especially great for appliances, including fridges and dishwashers.   “Scratch and dent” items, superseded models, demo products and cancelled orders all lead to BIG savings.  Sometimes it’s just that the box is damaged!


Every dollar counts when it comes to renovating or building, but using these techniques, you can have the upgraded products for the basic prices.

And who doesn’t love that?

What’s your best bargain shopping tip?


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  1. Nicole @ The Builders Wife August 26, 2016 at 8:36 pm - Reply

    Great tips Tash! I would add, to really think hard, and then think hard again about what you think you need and what you actually need, especially if your budget is tight. We are even considering an Ikea kitchen for our home, so that we can have what we want without a total budget blow out. xx

    • Tash August 27, 2016 at 2:28 pm - Reply

      Yes absolutely Nicole. Nothing wrong with Ikea, they have the best in drawer storage solutions. I’m thinking about using their WIR units because they’re way better than the joiners!
      There’s a big difference between wants and needs for sure, and if it can be left out but added later then do that. We’ve done a bit of pre-wiring and pre-plumbing for extras that we may or may not install down the track. xx

  2. Bec Senyard August 28, 2016 at 3:01 am - Reply

    Thanks for sharing these tips Tash. I think another way of saving money is negotiating prices between local shops that have the same product – like your taps and fixtures. I used to do this in our plumbing business when we won a tender and it was amazing how much money I could save by talking to three different suppliers and negotiating the price.

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